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Exterior Lighting

We are experienced in installing external lighting for your property. From some simple lights on the exterior of your building to ensuring your whole garden still looks spectacular at night! We understand that exterior lighting is a unique task for each job so we ensure the finished product looks both professional and adheres to the clients tastes.

Smart Homes

Our engineers are comfortable installing and configuring and systems into your home to bring your living area into the 21st century! Wether you need you smart home system to be installed from new or you have an existing system you would like to add to, the team at Smart Electrical London can assist you with this seamlessly.

Lighting Installation

Our experienced team of electricians have carried out lighting installations in homes and properties spreading all across London! We understand that the right lighting can completely change the look and feel of the room. We promise to work with you to ensure we bring your dream property to life!

Consumer Unit Upgrade

A consumer unit is where all the electrical wiring from the house meets, so that each part can be connected to a fuse. The is done to provide protection in the event of a fault or overload as only the faulty fuse will blow, allowing the rest to continue as normal. In the early 1980’s consumer units began replacing the old fuse boards as the offer better circuit protection

PAT Testing

PAT Testing stands for Portable Application Testing. This is the term used to describe portable items that need to be tested once a year due to government legislation. The majority of electrical issues with a product can be found by visual inspection however, some can only be found by the right means of testing. Having electrical items tested on a yearly basis is crucial to the health and safety of a business, and it’s employees, as an electrical fault can prove deadly.

Inspection and Testing

We test the electrical installations in all types of property across London. An electrical safety test will show if any of the circuits in your property are overloaded which would cause risk of fire and electric shocks.

Safety Certificates

Smart Electrical London carry-out Electrical Safety Certificate services across London. Our fully insured electricians can inspect and certify domestic and commercial properties, ensuring all electrical systems adhere to safety regulations.

Data Cabling and Termination

We can carry out data cable installations at competitive prices. Our expert electricians have years of experience in keeping ensuring your property connected to the web with as little downtime as possible.

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